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The Development Of Aerogel Gold Is Approaching
Date:Dec 14, 2018

The development of aerogel gold is approaching.

In the field of new materials, aerogels have become hot words in the past two years. The research institutes have been constantly developing new trends and new applications. Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hunan, Shaanxi, Henan and other provinces have also included the development of aerogel materials in the field of key support and development in this province. In January 6th this year, the national development and Reform Commission put aerogel materials into the state's key energy-saving. Catalogue of Low Carbon Technology Promotion.

Then, as the first tier member of aerogel industry, what is the development of aerogel industry in China? What is the status quo of commercialization? What is the direction of technology development?

China is in the first rank in the world

In 2014, the World Conference on materials proposed that aerogels consist of more than 90% of the air and less than 10% of the solid. It can withstand thousands of times the pressure of its own mass and will melt at temperatures of 1200 degrees. In addition, its thermal conductivity and refractive index are also very low, and its insulation capacity is 39 times stronger than the best glass fiber. Because of these characteristics, aerogels have become an irreplaceable material in space exploration. The Russian "peace" space station and the US Mars Pathfinder detectors are used for insulation.

In addition to its application in aerospace, sell aerogel can be widely used in many fields such as military, petrochemical, electric power, metallurgy, architecture, clothing and so on. They are revolutionary alternatives to traditional thermal insulation materials.

Aerogel expert, Professor Shen, Tongji University, said aerogel material is the lightest solid material known in the world today. The lightest aerogel is only 0.16 mg / cubic centimeter, slightly lower than air density, and has a large specific surface area and extremely low thermal conductivity. The cold proof jacket made of aerogel material is only 3mm thick, but has the same heat preservation effect as 40mm jacket. In the liquid nitrogen test at -196 C, the inner part of the coat can also maintain a temperature of about 31.6 C. Aerogel is a magic nanomaterial that can change the world. The reason why aerogels have such a disposition is mainly due to its special nano porous structure.

Professor Shen said that the current leading position in the aerogel industry is the United States and China, and China has reached the international advanced level. "Overall, it is not lower than the international level, some indicators are higher than American products, and the application market is not less than the United States." Professor Ni Xingyuan of Tongji University summarized this to reporters of China Chemical Journal.

Industry insiders said that on November 3, 2016, China's new generation of large-capacity launch vehicle "Long March 5" successfully launched its first flight in Wenchang Satellite Launch Center, Hainan. Among them, the insulation and insulation for the rocket gas pipeline system is a high-performance nano aerogel insulation blanket developed by China. Aerogels in China are not only used in aerospace, but also widely used in petrochemical, high speed rail and oil fields.

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